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Writing Workshop – WRITE MORE & BETTER

21 February / 2013
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We all write: emails at work, essays at school, in order to complete application forms (whether for funding, jobs, scholarships, visas, permanent residence, refugee status). We write to provide customer feedback or contact our elected representatives, we send letters and emails to our friends and family members. At other times, we are asked to give an account of ourselves or something we saw – when we take part in a survey, when we testify in court, when we try to explain to friends why they should see a particular film — and we have to collect our thoughts the way writing requires of us. Many people write journals or blogs, create their own recipe books and scrap books, write Facebook notes and Twitter updates.

Whether writing is part of your job or leisure, whether you would like to try out something new (blogging, journalling,  citizen journalism, art reviewing, Twitter) or just improve written communication in your second language, this workshop is for you.

Classes tailored to participants’ interests and needs.

Wednesdays, 6-8PM

February 13 – March 13 & April 3 – April 24

Question? Want to register? Please contact:

Lidija Perovic
416-598-3444 ext. 255

This is a FREE workshop.