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Moneywise Veggie Chef is back!

7 March / 2013
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Join us as our Moneywise Veggie Chef program continues! This program  combines healthy meal preparation with financial literacy. It is on from now until May 9th and is in collaboration with Toronto Public Health, Consolidated Credit Counseling Service and St. Christopher House. Participants in the program will be cooking and serving a wonderful and nutritious vegetarian lunch at our 23 Grange Road location.

For only $3 you will be able to buy a healthy lunch and help our program grow!

When: Every Wednesday at 12noon
Where: 23 Grange Road, Room B2
Cost: $3

On the menu:

April 10, 2013

  • “My Best Pesto” Pasta
  • Green salad medley

April 17, 2013
stay tuned…