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Website Survey Results

1 May / 2013
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The results are in!
We asked you, the public, to take part in our website survey at the beginning of April. We wanted to see what we are doing right, what you liked and what we could improve on. We want to thank all those who took the time to take the survey. The survey showed best replica watches are so hot online,that the majority of those who browse our new website enjoy what they saw and that they found what they were looking for. A few users mentioned that they enjoyed the social media integration and newsletter signup, as well. The feedback and comments that were received were welcome and we will continue to improve our website. This means that we are planning on having online registration for programs, better visual art and language integration. These are long-term goals but rest assured that we are working on each piece, a step at a time.

Check out the results for yourself !

Website Survey – Results