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Celebrating Black History

26 February / 2014
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In the month of February we celebrated  black history all across our Agency. We got our staff and community involved in various activities which helped them discover and learn about the lives of several African-Americans who made extraordinary achievements in their fields. We also held free film screenings which were open to everyone. We hoped to engage our community and help them to learn about the way in which African Americans helped shape history.

We held a children’s drawing contest which allowed kids to express what each of the figures shown above represented to them. The contest was aimed at making kids aware of these important figures and have them articulate what each figure meant to them. We had over 30 entries and a random draw was held to pick 3 winners. We are working on a collage of all of their work which will be on display at our main location. As another February passes us by, we encourage all to remember that black history refers to the stories, experience and accomplishments of people of African origin and the way in which each has helped shape our communities, today.


 A History of Racism – A BBC Documentary
Journey to Justice – by Roger McTair
Dreseden Story – by Julian Biggs

Our drawing contest was a big hit with our After School Program participants. We are very pleased to announce the winners. Please note that winners were selected by random draw.
And the winners of our Children’s Drawing Contest are…