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Community Development

Community Development seeks to empower individuals and groups of people by providing them with the skills they need to effect change in their own lives as well as in their communities.

We offer a variety of programs for the community with a focus on health, safety and community networking. Regular programs include  a free knitting group called Knitting Circle for those interested in learning the craft while networking with others in the community who share the same interest. Many of our programs are free for the community with a minor charge for material costs where necessary. Our programs are offered in English and are available at our main site only.

On a periodic basis, we collaborate with other programs and agencies to coordinate informational workshops, community events and projects to raise awareness, encourage participation and help our community grow. In the past we have partnered with others to bring workshops and events such as Elder Abuse Awareness Event, Dental Hygiene Workshops, Safe Community Initiative and Youth Safety Initiative.

Fees & Registration:
To register for our programs and services please contact Catherine McNeely, Director, Settlement and Social Services at (416) 218-8990 ext 228. Our programs and workshops are typically free of charge.

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