Rob Carroll

Rob Carroll

Guitar Teacher and Chamber Program Coach


“Rob Carroll is one of a number of evocative, reflective, and technically faultless guitarists in Canada who walk the lines between jazz, rock and serious music.”
– Richard Flohil, Canadian Composer

Composer/guitarist Rob Carroll has been involved with contemporary music since moving to Toronto in the mid-seventies. Since 1981, he has released five albums of original compositions with groups ranging in size from a trio to a septet. In recent years, he has written and performed scores for choreographer Claudia Moore and soundtracks for two feature films by director Darrell Wasyk.

With his group, he has appeared at venues across Canada including the Western Front (Vancouver), the Yardbird Suite (Edmonton), and the Music Gallery (Toronto). Selections from his recordings have been featured widely on alternative radio in Canada, as well as on the CBC radio’s Morningside. An expanded version of his group has appeared at Harbourfront’s Enwave Theatre in Toronto.

He has appeared as a soloist with the International Symphony performing Rodrigo’s “Fantasia para un Gentilhombre”, and as a guest artist in concert at the University of Western Ontario.

Carroll has an extensive background as a studio musician and producer, working on many world-music and jazz related projects, often in collaboration with saxophonist Ron Allen.

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