Your Impact

In this new pandemic age, we need your support now more than ever. Your gift to University Settlement will make a difference in people’s lives regardless of the amount, or how you make it.

In this new pandemic age, we need your support now more than ever

Your gift to University Settlement will make a difference in people’s lives regardless of the amount, or how you make it.

Because of you…

  • Children from low-income families attend Summer Day Camp and afterschool programs.
  • Seniors stay active and experience a renewed sense of purpose.
  • People of all ages learn to swim.
  • Young students at the Music & Arts School pursue their musical talent.
  • Newcomers improve their English through our Conversation Circles and Writing tutorials.
  • Children receive exceptional day care.
  • People engage online to discuss issues they care about.
  • Newcomers make important connections to their community.
  • We can continue to build an inclusive community that celebrates diversity.
  • We can ensure the future of University Settlement, a one-of-a-kind, forward thinking, inclusive organization that helps people thrive.

University Settlement is changing lives

See the impact you can make! Read the stories of people whose lives have been changed by University Settlement.

Allan’s Story

“University Settlement has given me opportunities to grow as a musician and swimmer, but more importantly, as a person…”

Read Allan’s Story

Julie’s Story

“When I started teaching Julie, she wanted me to hold her every time she did a front or back glide.” With his encouragement, Julie eventually started to do everything on her own and advanced from Pre-school Swimmer 3 to Swimmer 2.

Read Julie’s Story

Daisy’s Story

“I love my singing lessons and ear training classes at University Settlement. My music teachers have been a great support for me to learn and enjoy my classes. I am grateful to the generous donors who help me access music lessons at University Settlement.”

Read Daisy’s Story

Xiaofen’s Story

“I was overjoyed when the examiner gave me a thumbs-up and informed me that I had passed and would hold a permanent driver’s license in Canada. This wouldn’t have been possible without my LINC class, where I am learning & improving my English.”

Read Xiaofen’s Story

Grace’s Story

“The University Settlement community is a close-knit one and volunteering here has been an important part of my community and creative life…”

Read Grace’s Story

Bin’s Story

The pandemic has been such a stressful time. For Bin, her life changed dramatically when her government pandemic relief funding stopped...

Read Bin’s Story

Negar’s Story

Not too along after Negar and her family arrived in Canada, they met with Settlement Counsellor Sonya to find out how to connect with their new community…

Read Negar’s Story

Dieu’s Story

“It’s hard coming to a new country not knowing the language.” Dieu arrived in Toronto from Vietnam just over one year ago where she was the owner and operator of a custom dress shop.…

Read Dieu’s Story

Jeffrey’s Story

“University Settlement is–and has always been–a part of my life. Here, I learned to swim, played badminton and ping pong with my family, and began my journey in music at the Music & Arts School…”

Read Jeffrey’s Story

Maggie’s Story

“When you arrive, you start a new life from nothing. The emotional support and mentorship that I received from my counsellor, Jun, was just as important as the help I received getting settled and connecting with my community.”

Read Maggie’s Story

Soo Yun’s Story

After all the efforts, Soo Yun was able to successfully find employment as a bank teller with a Korean bank in Toronto. “I am very happy to have this job, it is my dream job! I could not have done this without the help of University Settlement…”

Read Soo Yun’s Story

Mauricio’s Story

“We’ve never received such excellent assistance from a settlement service agency. Mr. Jimmy’s fast, and competent service has completely blown us away. He spent time carefully listening to our needs and provided us with the information we needed to successfully settle in Ontario.”

Read Mauricio’s Story

Arash’s Story

“Canada is the country I love from the depth of my heart and Canadian citizenship will be an honour.” When Arash Khani and his family landed in Canada in 2017 from Iran, one of the first things he did was reach out to University Settlement.

Read Arash’s Story

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There are many ways to give to University Settlement. Regardless of how you choose to make your gift, your donation will make a meaningful difference.