Grace’s Story

We’ve watched Grace grow up at the Music & Arts School where she has studied flute, piano and dance for 12 years and became a dedicated volunteer during the past five.

“The University Settlement community is a close-knit one and volunteering here has been an important part of my community and creative life,” said Grace.

As Grace polished her dance skills, she became qualified to take on the role of volunteer dance assistant. In addition to helping create a safe and inspiring atmosphere in dance classes, Grace encouraged students by participating in their warm-up routines, helping to build their self-confidence, and engaging new students, many of whom had not studied dance before.

“The Dance program has taught me to reflect on my own character, and develop empathy, patience, attentiveness, teamwork, as well as hone my communication skills.

“Over the past five years, I’ve been able to share my passion for dance, and become a leader and role-model. I also got to know the students and appreciate their individual progress.”

Last year, Grace expanded her volunteer portfolio when she joined the Music Advisory Committee as a student representative. A major focus of the committee has been the organization of the Music & Arts School’s 100th Anniversary celebrations.

“Grace is one of our most committed and disciplined students. Having her thoughtful voice and enthusiasm at the table has been extraordinarily valuable,” said Victoria Medeiros, Managing Director of the Music & Arts School.

We’re so proud that Grace is this year’s recipient of the White Family Volunteer Scholarship and wish her well as she leaves to begin a new chapter as a student at Queen’s University in the Health Sciences program.